Difference between HTTP1.1 vs HTTP2

Jagan mohan
Nov 5, 2020


  1. The concept of headers both for requests as well as responses was introduced .
  2. In earlier versions such headers like GET/POST/HEAD which added extend flexibility are not possible with earlier version .
  3. As TCP connection it allowed single request .
  4. Other than HTML, the content type header made it possible to send files, including scripts and media.


  1. The concept of server push is introduced by HTTP2
  2. The server push helps the server to anticipated the resources that will be required for client and pushes them prior to client making requests.
  3. It introduces concept of multiplexing which interleaves the requests and responses with out head-of-line blocking and does to over a single TCP connection.
  4. In HTTP2. It is a binary protocol that is only 0’s and 1’s are transmitted over the wire .
  5. The data or header greatly increases efficiency in terms of securely, multiplexing.



Jagan mohan

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